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Special Design Seals

Cross Section

The Type FL low cost general purpose seal is designed for rotary and reciprocating service. The all rubber lip element is integrally formed into its sealing position and self gasketed within the closed shell assembly to eliminate inner case leakage. The formed metal contour under the lip provides stability to the lip.
The SlipTite (Teflon*/Rubber) seal was specifically developed for severe service. It has a single lip element that combines the low friction properties of Teflon with the flexibility and durability of rubber. It is sealed into an outer metal case and engineered for intermittent pressure service up to 10 psi.

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The TMA-L and TMA-S seals are designed specifically for special corrosive chemical service. The Stainless Steel outer case contains a machined Teflon seal insert with or without a spring activated lip.
The Type HP high pressure seal is a sophisticated design to handle rotary and/or reciprocating motion at high speeds and pressures over a temperature range of (-40F to +400F). Pressures up to 300 psi and 4,000 FPM can be handled.
The Type MP medium pressure seal is designed to handle rotary applications up to 100 psi and temperatures from -40F to 400F. The inner metal shell is encapsulated in fluoroelastomer.
The Clipper SlipTite is a specially designed seal that utilizes a layer of PTFE molded to the sealing lip to reduce excessive wearing on the shaft. It can handle pressure applications up to 40 psi and higher temperatures up to 350F. The Clipper SlipTite can be utilized in applications with limited lubrication. LUP, RUP, SS, SSW, HP & MP designs can be produced.
JM Clipper Extruded seals are available in both single and dual lip types where installation of solid or rigid seals becomes difficult or impossible due to size or location.
The JM Clipper positive lip contact sheave seal provides excellent foreign matter exclusion properties while retaining bearing lubricant. These seals are used on wire rope sheaves found in overhead cranes in the steel mills; on rotary drilling rig crown and travel blocks; and on draglines, hoists and elevators. They also have application on mine car wheels, flywheels and idler wheels.
  Lip Seals

Other specialty seals can be custom designed to meet your specific equipment requirements.

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